Royal Flour Mills is a specialized company in Dairy feed manufacturing and distribution. We supply scientifically formulated animal feed products in Sri Lanka. We have a good reputation over generations to produce healthy and best quality animal feeds, and we are continuously growing while challenging and advancing ourselves. We are expanding and all of us at Royal Flour Mills are working together to achieve our mission and vision by adhering to the most important values. Every person in their minds have strong bonds towards achieving these values and contributing towards achieving the long-term mission, in this success path.

Our workers are skillful, and we use highly sophisticated technology in production. Skills of men coupled with sophisticated machinery feeds out high quality animal feed products for your farm animals. Every person and every process in our manufacturing line ensures our product is safe and healthy for your animal to be fed.


To be the Leader of Dairy Feed Manufacturing with high quality organic inputs and Supply at competitive price


To produce High Quality products using Sophisticated and Innovative Technology at Competitive Prices, affordable to every Farm Owner and Deliver them right to their doorstep through the Quickest Delivery service


  • It is our fundamental responsibility to provide safe and palatable feed products to the animals.
  • We make sure the feed products are delicious and toothsome to eat and enjoy.
  • We guarantee our products are nutritious and made to the highest standards of quality.
  • We are committed to help your farm animals live healthier, happier and yield more return to you.