Dairy Cattles need to be looked after from the day they were born and need to ensure they are consuming the right food and the best food at every stage of their life. This helps their proper growth, right weight gaining and best yield return.

Royal Flour Mills ensure your livestock is always fed with the best food and feeding excellence is the objective behind every employee working in the production lines. We have the proven and tested formulas, pure and organic ingredients and good quality control over each and every stage of the production.


We do have our proven and tested formulas, and we do not accept any small deviations in the standard quality.

However, we also have flexible solutions. We are always open to have a face-to-face discussion with individual farm owners to understand any specific requirements of their own livestock and come up with slightly modified formulas to fulfill any specific nutritional requirements and supplements to ensure achieving any specific objective to increase yield production and profitability.


Royal Flour Mills has achieved a reputation as one of the leaders in premium quality animal feed products. Today, the company brand is synonymous with quality among generation of farmers in Sri Lanka.

We have been consistent with quality and purity, and we guarantee the same for many more centuries to come. Any customer can rely on our production consistency and we assure your farm animals growing happily and healthy consuming our company produced animal feed. Our trusted legacy will continue over generations.


All employees are committed striving excellence and production quality. Our people exactly know what the best feed for your farm animals is and they have the tools and training to excel at their responsibilities.

Developing the skills and capacity in the employees is one of the key focus of Royal Flour Mills. We continuously identify the skill gaps and invest a lot to train and teach to overcome those skill gaps. In this way, we ensure the output through every employee is the best for your livestock. We keep on monitoring the progress of each employee towards feeding excellence.


Continuous and gradual improvement is another important focus of our company. We do not stop at any point and we do not have the hope of stopping at any point in future. We understand, every process can be improved further, further and further.

We have developed and invested in research facilities and every person intends to climb up every step. Through this, we create sustainability at every aspect and we guarantee the same over many generations.