DDG crash corn is a by-product of the ethanol production process and has high nutrient feed valued suitable for the livestock. When ethanol plants produce ethanol, they use starch only from input grains like rice, corn, millets or wheat.

After starch extraction, the byproduct DDG crash corn contains protein, fiber, oil and essential amino acids suitable for livestock feed. This is an excellent animal feed as is containing high energy, mid-protein, and high digestible phosphorus content and this makes DDG crash corn a very attractive, partial replacement for some of the more expensive feed sources.

When DDG crash corn is added to properly formulated feeds, it results in excellent animal health, performance and food product quality. In dairy cow diets DDG crash corn can be included up to 20% and this result in greater milk production. When formulating diets containing DDG crash corn for lactating dairy cows, consideration should be given to type of forage, forage to concentrate ratio, crude fat content of DDG crash corn, and the need for supplemental crystalline lysine to achieve optimal performance.

DDG crash corn is relatively easy to digest and has high nutritional value. It has higher biological value than other gluten and has great health benefits for your livestock.