The Board/ Management of Royal Flour Mills are supported by a team of experienced key personnel. All employees are committed striving excellence and production quality. Our people exactly know what the best feed for your farm animals is and they have the tools and training to excel at their responsibilities.

Dr. Balanathan Prasath

The Chairman / Managing Director

(Doctorate in Business Administration, MBA, AIB-SL, Diploma in Banking IIBF – Mumbai, India)

Dr. Prasath possesses more than 20 years of hands-on experience in various management fields. Having served as a former Manager at Pan Asia Banking Corporation and as a former Executive Officer at Commercial Bank of Ceylon PLC, Dr. Prasath knows the top tips of management very well. He is also an Associate Member of Institute of Banking and Finance and Indian Institute of Banking Mumbai.

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Mrs. Sagini Prasath

The Director

(BA (HONS – Psychology))

Mrs. Prasath, who is the Director of Royal Flour Mills, actively runs the company through her expertise, experience and specialized knowledge. She is also a holder of Bachelor’s Degree in Psychology (Hons) and also does consultations in psychological field.