Animal feed salt is an essential addition to any animal feed. Salt maintains the mineral balance of the animals at the right level and keeps your livestock healthy. It is advisable to opt for sea salt because this type of salt also contains additional essential minerals and trace elements.

Animals too need vitamins and minerals in their daily food supply. Sodium and chloride must not be lacking. Sodium is important for the functioning of the central nervous system, while chloride regulates the balance between acids and bases in the stomach. Together these two essential nutrients keep the fluid balance at the right level. A lack of salt in your animal feed is easily remedied by using animal feed salt as nutritional supplement. You can be certain that the animals are getting the necessary minerals. Salt deficiency can occur through feed that has too little sodium, unilateral fertilizer application of crops or low-quality grass or hay.

A lack of salt can have dire results for the health of your animals. Muscle cramps, a harsh coat and reduced appetite are just a few of the symptoms that occur. Animal feed salt can be provided as salt licks or added to the feed, but can also be used as preservative in grass and corn silage.