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Welcome to Royal Flour Mills – Jaffna, Sri Lanka.

Feed your Farm Animals always the Best!

Royal Flour Mills is one of the best animal feed manufacturing companies in Sri Lanka. We are located in Jaffna District, under industrial Estate, Atchuveli, 397 km off from Colombo the capital city of Sri Lanka.

We are a specialized company in Dairy feed (Cattle) manufacturing and distribution. We supply scientifically formulated animal feed products in Sri Lanka. The company has achieved a reputation as one of the leaders in premium quality animal feed products. Today, the company brand is synonymous with quality among generation of farmers in Sri Lanka. Our aim is producing of quality feed using agricultural raw materials produced in Sri Lanka and using essential quality raw materials imported from foreign countries which are 100% organic.

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National Industrial Excellence Awards Ceremony 2022 recognizing the outstanding industrialists who contributed to the national economy was held under the patronage of President Gotabaya Rajapaksa at the Water’s Edge Hotel in Battaramulla on 2022 February 15.

We are pleased to announce that our Royal Flour Mills (Pvt) Ltd has won the Bronze Award in the Milk and Milk Related Industries under the Small, Medium and Large Industries category at this awards ceremony.

Thank you to everyone who contributed to this great achievement.

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Ensure your livestock is eating the right food –Consult us for advice on what food to purchase and the correct portion to feed them. We also provide you with a nutritional plan and help track, manage and maintain your farm animals’ health.

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Feed your Farm Animals always the Best!

Just as you stay healthy, make sure your farm animals are also healthy, strong and energetic.
Like us, animals can’t make nutrients by themselves – so a balanced diet that has a high nutritional value will meet their dietary requirements. Carbohydrates, Proteins, Lipids, Vitamins and Minerals are all important nutrients for your overly fond farm animals. A complete whole meal keeps them very active throughout the day, yields more return to you and what else could make you happy?

Why Royal Flour Mills is better than others?


Dairy Cattles need to be looked after from the day they were born and need to ensure they are consuming the right food and the best food at every stage of their life.

This helps their proper growth, right weight gaining and best yield return.


We do have our proven and tested formulas, and we do not accept any small deviations in the standard quality.

However, we also have flexible solutions.


Royal Flour Mills has achieved a reputation as one of the leaders in premium quality animal feed products.

Today, the company brand is synonymous with quality among generation of farmers in Sri Lanka.


All employees are committed striving excellence and production quality.

Our people exactly know what the best feed for your farm animals is and they have the tools and training to excel at their responsibilities.


Continuous and gradual improvement is another important focus of our company.

We do not stop at any point and we do not have the hope of stopping at any point in future.

What's new at Royal Flour Mills

Keep yourself updated for latest information and updates in the industry. We understand, as farm owners it is very important to give the best for your farm animals and you have the great urge to know what is happening around you.

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