Rice bran is a major by-product from rice processing. It consists of the fibrous outer layer of the grain, some hull, chipped grain and calcium carbonate which is added during milling process. Raw rice bran contains 13-19% oil which is removed by solvent extraction process leading to production of de-oiled rice bran.

This contains crude protein ranging from 13-16% and TDN 55-65%. De-oiled rice bran is a good source of proteins, vitamins and minerals. In addition, it also contains better assortment of amino acids, particularly lysine and methionine, compared to other cereal grains, including maize and wheat. The phosphorus content is high (1.30%) in de-oiled rice bran and calcium content is comparatively low. Though, much of the phosphorus exists as phytate phosphorus, rumen microorganism can digest phytate phosphorus.

Generally, rice bran contains variable quantities of hulls, which are high in silica making them very abrasive and extremely low digestibility. Our de-oiled rice bran product is carefully processed to ensure it is safe to eat and improve digestibility without much complications. Our supplies are extremely rich and premium in quality which is ideal for making cattle and poultry feed. De-oiled rice bran is the key to wholesome development of farm animals.